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Fort explains that “As an artist you need to create an identity of your own in order for people to recognise your music when they hear it on radio or TV”.

Fort was born in 1973 in Belgium. His father was a former minister of minerals in the democratic republic of congo and the founder-president of the UDF (United Democratic Federalists), a local political party.

As a child of a politician, Fort spent most of his childhood moving around to neighbouring countries due to the political instability in his country. He had little time to socialise with other children and would spend most of his time either collecting or listening to his father’s old records.

“That is were my love for music started, because I would sing along to the records and try to imagine myself performing for a large crowd who applauded my performance.” He enrolled for acting lessons and later appeared in a local soapie, all while still studying economics at university. His acting career created a platform for him to enter into the music industry.

After completing his degree in 1999, Fort then came to South Africa to work on his album and grow his profile as an artist. His cousin, who was working in South Africa, introduced him to Carl Eaton, who introduced him to mario noval who has remained his long time co producer.

His album ‘Beautiful’ was released last year and features an old school soul flavour, with a dash of Afro fusion. The 40-year-old crooner has produced many songs and has done several music videos played on popular tv stations

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AfriTalent - South Africa
AfriTalent - South Africa
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