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AfriTalent - South Africa
AfriTalent - South Africa
AfriTalent - South Africa

Mpho Sepakela  

Born Mpho Lawrence Sepakela on the 15th Feb 1977 in the Mamone ga S’kwati Mampuru village, now part of the Limpopo province, to Mr & Mrs Airforce and Ida Sepakela. He attended Marishane Primary School.

Mpho went to live with his father who was working in Joburg in 1990. But a year later he was found roaming the streets of Jozi and ended up in Kids Haven, Benoni. Under the care of Moira Simpson, Mpho re-started school in 1992.

His first experience of a live band came in 1996, at a the Kids Haven Christmas Party, hosted by Mr. R. Nkutha. At the party, a live performance by Dr. Johnny Mekoa’s Gauteng Music Academy (GMA) Jazz Band attracted Mpho’s attention.

He enrolled for music theory and practise at the GMA in 1997. By 1998 he was already performing live with the GMA Jazz Band.

Mpho has since worked as a freelance artist in studio recording sessions and appearing live on stage with a number of South African Jazz musicians including the late Moses Khumalo, Themba Mkhize, Joe Nina, Gloria Bosman,

The Trio, and as a member of the backing band at South Africa’s 10th year Freedom celebrations, held at the Union Buildings in Tshwane in 2004.

In 2007 he started work on his first album. Later in 2008 he released a single, titled “Happy Days”. The single reached the No 1 spot on the Kaya FM Jazz Top 10. In 2009, he officially released his first full album, titled “Gift”.

This his latest rendition entitled Housax is a combination of Afropop and house music has an appeal  to both young and old music lovers. Under the mentorship of producers Darryl and Loftus (Higher Grade Records)  and featuring the inputs of various other musicians this CD will ignite a new appreciation for this very talented artist.

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